I can’t sing. I can’t play. I do it anyway.

With that, everything is actually said and you know all you need to know about me and my music. So, that’s it. You don’t need to read any further.

But if you really want to know more, here’s my story. It all began, as so often, when I was in school and I bought an old acoustic guitar from a friend. I learned some notes and played a few simple songs and actually that was pretty much it for some time. Until I discovered punk rock, alternative rock and grunge and I grabbed my guitar and learned playing the songs I liked. I just played for myself for a while, until some friends from my school asked me to join their band. We played together for some great years, but then all moved to different cities and the band slept in.

I tried to find a new band, but I didn’t. The guys, I met didn’t like the music that I liked. Or they only wanted to play cover songs, while I wanted to play my own stuff and tell my own stories. Being a biologist, I got myself a job in a lab and dived into the miraculous world of molecular biology and this may have been the end of it all, but I was not able to put my guitar aside and started writing songs, not really knowing what to do with them.

But one day, I watched Back and Forth about the Foo Fighters, one of my favourite bands, and when I saw how Dave Grohl had recorded his first songs just on his own, I thought, that this is what I’m going to do, as well. And I recorded some songs, not thinking about what to do with them at first. I just recorded my songs. Because I wanted to. You know, it’s so easy, you just record a few songs and you send them to a label and the folks there go like oooh, aaah, awesome, and they sign you and you get famous and rich and… oh wait, no, that’s Nashville, different story.

I established my own label (sounds way more important than it is) and released my album The 1 as BiG FiSH RADiO with CD Baby. Shortly afterwards, I was asked to play in a singer-songwriter contest. At first, I didn’t want to, because, hey, I was a punk rocker, not a singer-songwriter. And I wanted to play in a rock band. But then, I still went there. Just with my acoustic guitar. I played my songs and the jury didn’t like it. But I did. And some people from the audience did, too. That night, I fell in love with playing my songs with just an acoustic guitar, simple, reduced and raw.

Nevertheless, I was still looking for a band and met some guys and so BiG FiSH RADiO became a real band. For a while. We didn’t last. Afterwards I didn’t feel like looking for someone again. So, I decided to go on alone. Just with my acoustic guitar and using my own name.

I’m happy that I can do what I like and I’m happy if you like it, too.

And yeah, still one last thing. It sucks how little we care about our world. All the dirt, we blow into the air. All the garbage, we leave behind. We need to care about those who will be there after us. Our children, nieces, nephews. We should try to make the world a place where as many people as possible can have a good life.


 Photo: Martina Franz




Photo: Simon Stenger