I can’t sing. I can’t play. I do it anyway.

My name is Dominik and I live in Saarbrücken in the southwest of Germany. When I had finished school I started playing in a punk rock band that was called BSE at first, then, Inkomplex and The Radiomatics, before we split up as we were all living in different cities. After that, I tried to join a new band for a while, but didn’t find the right folks anymore. I finished my studies, worked as a biologist in cancer research, as a teacher in a school, as a scientist in a children’s hospital and as a consultant. And during all this time, I wrote songs, not knowing what to do with them until, one day, I started recording them and then had the naïve idea to release a digital album. I called myself BiG FiSH RADiO and released my first songs on “The 1”. BiG FiSH RADiO even became a real band for some time, but we didn’t last and so I decided to go on just using my name and I released my songs as Dominik Monz.

I’m still very much influenced by punk rock, playing simple songs and trying to do a lot by myself. But I also fell in love with acoustic music and playing my songs just with an acoustic guitar, simple, raw and reduced. I don’t care much about my music being punk rock, folk, alternative rock or whatever. I just do what I like. And I hope that someone out there likes what I do.


 Photo: Martina Franz




Photo: Simon Stenger