I’m Dominik Monz. I’m BiG FiSH RADiO. I am not a virtuoso. I like simple songs. My music is not like an elaborate dish in a fancy restaurant. My songs are rather a piece of fresh baguette with butter. Simple and pure.

After my first band INKOMPLEX went to sleep, it took me a while until I started writing my own new songs. Not really knowing what to do with them at first. But then one day, I started recording them. Because I felt like doing it. And I released a little digital album “The 1” as BiG FiSH RADiO. Just so. Starry eyed and without a bigger plan.

When I started BiG FiSH RADiO, I actually wanted to have a new band, but it didn’t work out like planned and I started to play my songs alone and acoustically. Something that I had never done before. And I realized how much I liked playing my songs just with an acoustic guitar. Not having a band, I continued playing like this, simply using my name now.

I make the music I love. Sometimes just acoustically and reduced. Sometimes with electric guitars, loud and raw. But always the way I love it.






 Photo: Martina Franz




Photo: Simon Stenger