Hi, I’m Dominik Monz. I’m also BiG FiSH RADiO. I started playing in punk rock with BSE/ Inkomplex/The Radiomatics back in the 90s until we fell apart as we all went living in different cities. I tried to find another band, but I didn’t and so I spent some time in the colourful world of molecular biology until I started writing songs again and recorded them on my own at home, at first not knowing what to do with them, just making my music for fun. In 2015, I released a few songs “The 1” under the name BiG FiSH RADiO. At the time, I also started playing in pubs, just voice and acoustic guitar which was really strange at first, as I had never seen me without a band, but then I fell in love with playing like this, reduced, raw and simple and I also released some acoustic songs, not as BiG FiSH RADiO anymore, just using my name.

I’m lucky and happy that I can make the music I love. I’m really glad that there are a few people out there in the world who like what I do. That’s what making music should be about. Do something you like.

Enjoy the music.


 Photo: Martina Franz




Photo: Simon Stenger